Personalized storytelling enables a love for reading!

Target Market

Spell My Name personalized storybooks are aimed for children aged 0-8 years old however, it is a book that they will cherish for a lifetime. Our storybooks are the perfect gift whether it be for a baby shower, arrival present, birthday present, Christmas present or just because you love your child too much not to spoil them. After all, it is fun and learning combined in one!

What can I expect?

Purchase your unique, personalized storybook online and nothing but outstanding service will be granted. You can expect to receive your parcel within 10 working days of your order placed. Spectacular quality books of an A4 landscape size. All books are soft cover and printed on thick high quality paper – only the best for your special one.

Who we are

Spell My Name was spelled by a mommy herself! This mommy searched far and wide for a unique storybook that would teach her child interesting facts and still be lots of fun to read, but unfortunately no such book was to be spell. So she had an idea! She would write her own book – because everyone knows all moms are supermoms! So she started to piece together an enchanted storybook which told the story of a little child who needed to find their name. To make it fun she threw in animals from all over the world but this special mommy thought that behind all fun, there should be a lesson learnt… And so she decided to add in some fun facts about the animals so that our little bundles of joy would be able to learn about their fellow friends as well as the main lesson to be learnt- to never give up!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tell me about the story?
The story is a personalised tale about your child who needs to find their name. Your child, the character, will travel through magical scenes meeting different animals along the way. Each animal will offer an alphabet letter which in the end your child will find their name. If Sally lost her name she may meet a springbok, ape, lion, leopard and yak.
What if my child’s name has repeating letters?
We offer multiple stories per letter which should be able to account for all names and so there should not be any repeating stories. If you have encountered this problem, please let us know and we will add more magical tales.
Do I use their full name?
No, you must use their first name only and not their full name with surname.
What if my child has a short name?
Our book is not only about each encounter with the animal and so the other pages that make up the storybook will still enable a child whose name comprises of 3 letters to have a fulfilling book.
What is the personal message?
We have prepopulated a personal message. If you choose to write your own private message in the beginning that is great as it will make it just that little bit more unique. Otherwise all books will have a personal message addressing the owner of the book and referencing who it was from.
What age group are they targeted for?
Our books are specifically designed for children aged 0-8 years old but prove to be something they cherish for a lifetime.

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